Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1986.
Currently based in Brooklyn, New York.
After graduating from Nagoya City Technical High School, Department of Design in 2005, he moved to New York. Inspired by his experiences of “Clubbing”, house and techno dance parties in New York, he creates paintings that fuse music, movement and experience. His works offer new stories and experiences of light, sound, time, and physical space.
He has been exhibiting internationally since 2013 and has recently shown his work in numerous galleries including NOWHERE Gallery in New York, the menswear store Nepenthes NY, and 3RD ETHOS Gallery in Brooklyn.

Tsukasa Kanawa


“New Technopolic” Nepenthes NY, New York, USA
“Lights Behind The Imagination” Kinfork 94, New York, USA
“I Am Who I Am…,” 3RD ETHOS Gallery, New York, USA

“Winter Dreams” A Very Serious Gallery, New York, USA
“Fourth World” Knockdown Center, New York, USA
“Boundaries of CANON” Tenri Cultural Center, New York, USA
“Intersection” 3RD ETHOS Gallery, New York, USA
“Eight Japanese Artists” NOWHERE, New York, USA
“Dystopia / Utopia” NOWHERE, New York, USA
“Outside the Box” 3RD ETHOS Gallery, New York, USA

Tsukasa Kanawa, Untitled, 2023


New Exhibition : 5 artists from MATSUYAMA STUDIO -Field of Flux-

N project is pleased to present “Field of Flux,” a group exhibition by five Japanese artists from MATSUYAMA STUDIO, from September 8 (Fri) to October 5 (Thu), 2023. At Tomokazu Matsuyama’s studio, a vast 750 square meter space on the top floor of a building in Greenpoint, located in the northernmost part of Brooklyn, New